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RFID Supply Cabinets
RFID enabled surgical supply cabinets

Surgical supplies are crucial to an operation. Finding them quickly reduces setup time, but can also be critical once surgery is underway. The RFID-enabled supply cabinets log the location of each tagged tray or pack and presents location information on a graphical user interface. Searches can also be performed based on scheduling or item.

RFID enabled surgical supply cabinet

Each cabinet shelf is equipped with color-coded LED indicator lights that signal the location of supplies scheduled for a specific surgery, as well as search items. The RFID supply-chain software automatically alerts hospital central supply if items requested for a specific surgery were taken by a previous one. A red LED indication alerts OR staff if the item has not yet been replaced.

RFID enabled surgical supply cabinet; surgeon; anesthesiologist
Surgical Supply Cabinet Development; ideation; design thinking

Following the design model of sterility and minimal intrusion, the cabinet doors have radiused corners and are flush-mounted into the walls. GK introduced the LED signal concept and also recommended electrochromic glass, which provides privacy for the patient and reduces distractions to the surgical staff, but can be turned off as needed to view the cabinet interiors.

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