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OR Integration
Optimus surgical operating room
HVAC Return Grilles; HVAC; ventilation
Audio speaker; motion sensor
Ozone sensor; medical device; sterility
Video camera; surgical lighting; integrated plenum

The revolutionary Optimus Integrated Surgical Environment is a radical departure from traditional OR design. For the first time primary OR components are brought together in a complimentary, integrated manner. The principal of GKdesign, Gerry Katzban, has been the Head of Design Integration for Optimus since 2008.

Prototype OR installation, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain

First surgery was performed on July 27, 2016.

Wall-mounted sensors for the ozone sterility system, a housing for the surgical lighting control camera, a cover panel for the integrated motion-sensor and AV speaker unit, and HVAC return grilles are additional designed elements for the Optimus OR from GKdesign.

Ambiawall; surgical operating room; ideation; design thinking

GKdesign guided the development of the room-within-a-room acrylic wall system with its integrated lighting, cabinets, AV system and waste disposals, and worked with the fabricator to solve design challenges and maintain aesthetic consistency. The prototype room perfectly matches 3D previsualizations.

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