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Integrated Plenum
Integrated Plenum; surgical lighting; HVAC; ambient lighting

Centered directly over the surgical operating table, the Integrated Plenum houses twelve surgical lightheads, AV components, HVAC laminar flow inlet air, and circadian room lighting. It is a centerpiece of the revolutionary Optimus Integrated Surgical Environment.


Several OR components seen at right, such as surgical lighting, the surgical operating table, patient warming pad system, and RFID Supply Cabinet logistics are controlled via touch-screen interfaces developed by GKdesign.

Medical device user interface
Surgical operating room; surgical lighting; surgical operating table; surgical supply cabinets
Integrated Plenum; design ideation; design thinking

GKdesign developed the conceptual design of the Integrated Plenum, integrating surgical lighting, HVAC inlet air, AV components, and circadian room lighting. Drawings and 3D models from GK guided fabricators in Barcelona who built the 19 foot diameter structure. Separate critical components of the OR are now integrated into one streamlined unit.

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